Gaming Slangs

  • What Does B/G mean?

    B/G Meaning

    Have you ever come across the letters “B/G” while talking about pictures or design? You might be wondering, what in…

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  • What Does buff mean in gaming?

    Buff Meaning

    In gaming, the term “buff” typically refers to a temporary enhancement or advantage given to a player, character, or item…

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  • What does OP mean in gaming

    OP Meaning

    OP is typically used to describe something that disrupts the fairness of the game. In gaming, “OP” stands for “Overpowered.”…

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  • What Does BRB mean?

    BRB Meaning

    BRB stands for “be right back”. It’s a common internet abbreviation used in online chats and games to let others…

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  • What does AFK mean while gaming

    What Does AFK Mean?

    AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard.” It’s a term commonly used in online gaming and chat environments to indicate that…

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  • understand what gamers are saying

    Gamers Slang

    Do you want to understand what gamers are saying? We're explaining common gaming slang in simple English, so you can…

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