Grool Meaning

The internet loves its slang, and “grool” is a recent addition to the ever-growing vocabulary. But what exactly does “grool” mean, and where can you use it online without sounding out of place?

Stands ForCool + Great
Brief DescriptionInformal blend to say something is excellent and trendy
EmotionPositive (enthusiastic, approval)
Safe for workYes
Safe for ChildrenYes (with caution)
Trending dateRecent (exact date unknown, possibly mid-2000s due to popularity in the movie Mean Girls)
Social Media meaningExpressing that a photo or video is both cool and great

What Does Grool Mean?

Grool Meaning mentioned in a picture

“Grool” is a combination, blending “cool” and “great” into a single word. It expresses that something is not just good, but awesome and trendy at the same time. ML can be added with Grool to increase it’s intensity of expression of love.

Where Does Grool Fit In?

Although Grool Stands for Cool & Great. But it use in informal online settings where a casual and playful tone is desired. Here’s a breakdown of where it shines

  • Texting: Firing off a quick text to a friend about their new haircut? “Your hair looks grool!” is a perfect way to show your approval with a touch of fun.
  • Gaming: Just dominated the online competition? A celebratory “That was grool!” in the chat adds to the lighthearted atmosphere. So “Grool” also can consider as Gaming slang.
    GG is another word to Appreciate teammates or opponents.
  • Casual Social Media: Spotted a hilarious meme on your friend’s Facebook feed? “Grool meme!” perfectly captures the humor and coolness factor.
  • Twitter: You see a friend’s tweet about acing their exam. You could reply, “Grool job on the test!”
  • Instagram: Your favorite musician posts a picture of their new album cover. You might comment, “The album art looks grool!”

When to Hold Back on the Grool?

While “grool” brings a casual touch, there are times to keep it in your back pocket:

  • Formal Social Media: Engaging with a professional post on LinkedIn? Stick to more formal language like “excellent” or “impressive.”
  • Unfamiliar Audience: Commenting on a post by someone you don’t know well? Opt for standard language until you get a feel for their tone.
  • Serious Topics: Responding to a news article about a serious event? “Grool” wouldn’t be the most appropriate choice.

In A Nutshell

Grool is combination of cool and great. It is a versatile tool for casual online communication. Can be used in texting, on social media as comment and in gaming too.

Just keep the platform, audience, and overall tone in mind to ensure your message lands with the right playful punch.

Google Trends Chart showing ratio of usage of Grool in last year, worldwide.

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