Meaning of “I Got That Dog in Me”

Slang is full of interesting phrases, and “I got that dog in me” is a recent addition that’s all about being strong and determined. But what exactly does this phrase mean, and where can you use it effectively?

AcronymN/A (Not an acronym)
Stands ForNothing (Represents positive dog-like qualities)
Brief DescriptionSlang phrase meaning someone has determination, resilience, loyalty, and courage.
EmotionPositive (Motivational, Encouraging)
Safe for workYes
Safe for ChildrenDepends on Context. Generally Yes, but may not be understood by younger children.
Trending DateGained popularity in sports commentary and athlete interviews in the 2010s. Exact origin unknown.

What “I Got That Dog in Me” Means

"I Got That Dog in Me" meaning mentioned in a picture

This phrase goes beyond simply likening someone to a dog. It taps into the positive canine qualities we admire:

  • Determination and Resilience: Dogs are known for their unwavering pursuit of a goal, whether it’s fetching a ball or protecting their home. “I got that dog in me” implies the speaker shares this relentless focus and won’t back down from a challenge.
  • Loyalty: A dog’s loyalty to its pack is legendary. This phrase can suggest the speaker is dependable and reliable, someone you can count on to see things through.
  • Courage: Facing down a scary situation is something many dogs do instinctively. “I got that dog in me” can imply the speaker has the bravery to overcome obstacles.

Using the Phrase in Context

This phrase is best used with friends and family, where you can talk freely or in any casual sittings. Here are some good times to say it:

  • Casual Conversation: Motivating a friend who’s learning a new skill, encouraging a teammate before a game, or simply psyching yourself up for a tough task – these are all perfect moments to say, “I got that dog in me!”

Example: Tell your friend learning a guitar, “You got that dog in you, you’ll master it!”

  • Informal Motivation: Coaches and mentors can use this phrase to inject a dose of motivational energy into their pep talks.

Example: Before a big task, say, “I got that dog in me, let’s do this!”

  • Social Media (use with caution): While less common, the phrase might appear on social media posts expressing determination or overcoming a challenge. But be mindful of the platform and your audience; younger users might not be familiar with the slang.

Where To Avoid This Slang

While saying “I got that dog in me” shows strength and determination, there are times when it’s better to be more formal and keep things in check:

  1. Professional Settings: This phrase isn’t suitable for serious situations like giving a presentation at work, writing a formal email, or going for a job interview. It’s too casual for those times.
  2. Gaming: Each game has its own unique language, but “I got that dog in me” isn’t commonly used in gaming chats.
  3. Real Life (as a direct statement): Even though it means being determined, saying “I got that dog in me” directly in a conversation might sound strange. It’s more of a relaxed phrase used in casual talks.

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