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You might have seen abbreviation “IDTS” in a text message or social media post and scratched your head? You’re not alone. In the fast-paced world of online communication, shorthand reigns supreme, and IDTS is a prime example mostly appears in texting or snapchat app.

Stands ForI Don’t Think So
Brief DescriptionA quick and informal way to express disagreement or disbelief.
EmotionDisagreement, Skepticism (Can be sarcastic)
Safe for workYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Emojis (can be used with it)‍♀️, , (depending on context)
Trending DateExact date unknown, but likely originated in the early days of text messaging (late 1990s/early 2000s).
Texting MeaningExpresses disagreement or disbelief about something someone texted.

What Does IDTS Mean in Text?

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IDTS stands for “I don’t think so.” It’s a quick and informal way to express disagreement or disbelief in a casual online setting. And Opposite this an acronym MBN being used.

Here are some examples to illustrate its use:

  • Texting: Your friend asks, “Do you think this movie will be good?” You reply, “IDTS, the reviews weren’t great.”
  • Social Media: Someone posts, “Pizza is the best food ever!” You comment, “IDTS, there’s so much delicious cuisine out there!”
  • Gaming: Playing online, a teammate suggests a risky strategy. You respond in chat, “IDTS, that seems like a bad idea.”

A Note on Sarcasm: Be mindful that IDTS can sometimes be used sarcastically. The overall tone of the conversation and any accompanying emojis can help you decipher the intended meaning.

Where is IDTS Used?

IDTS thrives in informal online communication channels…

  • Texting: Given its brevity and informality, IDTS fits right in with texting lingo.
  • Social Media specially Snapchat: Comments, replies, and posts on social media platforms are another breeding ground for IDTS.
  • Gaming: Online gaming with chat functions allows players to use IDTS to express disagreement with tactics or in-game comments.

Real Life vs. Online: While you could say “IDTS” out loud, it’s not common. Face-to-face conversation usually calls for the full phrase “I don’t think so” to ensure clarity and avoid misinterpreting the tone.

So next time you see IDTS online, you’ll be well-equipped to understand the message and respond accordingly.

Following Google Trends chart shows the ratio of use of Slang IDTS in Past few years.

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