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Decoding the Meaning of TMB

TMB is one of the common slang terms used in texting that you must have encountered. You would hardly see this on other social media platforms because it has no connection with them. So, what does TMB mean?

Here, we’ll decode the meaning of TMB and its usage in texting, along with the emojis it occasionally appears with.

Quick Answer: TMB stands for “Text Me Back.” But wait! This is not the end of the story, as TMB may have some alternative meanings. So, you should take a closer look to understand the actual meaning and use it in the suitable context.

Let’s dig in…

MeaningTMB stands for “Text Me Back.” It is a request for the recipient to respond to a text message.
UsageCommonly used in texting and messaging to express a desire for a reply.
EmojisEmojis used with TMB can vary but often include friendly (e.g., 😊), polite (e.g., 🙏), or impatient (e.g., 🙄) ones.
Social Media UsageLess commonly used on other social media platforms, as TMB is primarily associated with texting.
EmotionAsking or Requesting
Safe for workSafe for children and suitable for professional settings.
Snapchat MeaningText Me Back.
Instagram MeaningText Me Back.
Year it began trendingTMB started trending in 2014.

What Does TMB mean?

the meaning of abbreviation TMB is mentioned

Abbreviation TMB means Text me back – Basically, “Text Me Back” is a phrase commonly used in texting and messaging to politely request a response from the person you’re communicating with.

It’s a way of expressing the desire for the recipient to reply to the message you sent. Essentially, when someone says “TMB” they are asking the other person to respond to the text message.

In reply of TMB you can use TTYL or TS.

Variations In Tone Of TMB Mean

  • Casual: Used between friends or family for everyday communication. It generally doesn’t imply a strong sense of urgency.
  • Polite: Can be used in situations where the sender is requesting a response from someone they don’t know well or in professional settings. It shows respect and avoids being demanding.
  • Urgent: When accompanied by additional phrases like “ASAP” (as soon as possible) or “Please!” it conveys a sense of urgency and emphasizes the need for a prompt response.

Examples Of How TMB Is Used In Texting


  • Hey, just checking in. What are you up to? TMB
  • Sent you a funny video, gotta see it! TMB
  • Need your help with something, can you call me when you get a sec? TMB


  • Sorry to bother you, but could you TMB when you have a moment?
  • Just wanted to confirm our plans for tomorrow. TMB to let me know if anything changes.
  • Thanks for your message, I’ll TMB with more details soon.


  • Sent you the address, where are you? TMB  (Use with caution, as it can come across as passive-aggressive)
  • Hey! Did you see my message? TMB (Use sparingly to avoid seeming overly demanding)

Following Google Trends Chart shows the hike in the use of internet slang TMB.

Less Common But Alternative Meanings Of TMB

While “Text me back” reigns supreme, there are a couple of other, less frequent interpretations of TMB:

  1. Tag me back: This applies more to social media contexts. If someone comments “TMB” on a post, they want you to tag their username in the photo or caption.
  2. Take me back: This is a less common usage, but it can be used to express longing for a past situation or relationship.

What Emojis Can Be Used Along With The TMB Slang?

Emojis used with “Text me back” (TMB) can change depending on the person and what they’re trying to say. Here are some common ones:

😊 Smiling Face

😄 with Smiling Eyes

😉 Winking Face

🙏expressing politeness

🙂 Smiling Face

🙄 Rolling Eyes

🤔 Thinking Face

😏 Smirking Face

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