Watt Hours to Amp Hours Converter

Watt Hours to Amp Hours Converter

Watt Hours to Amp Hours Converter

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How to Convert Watt Hours to Amp Hours?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on converting Watt Hours (Wh) to Amp Hours (Ah) for beginners:

Understanding the Units

  • Watt hour (Wh): This unit represents the amount of energy used over time. One watt hour is equal to one watt of power used for one hour.
  • Amp hour (Ah): This unit signifies the total electrical current a battery can provide for one hour.

The Formula

To convert Wh to Ah, you’ll need the battery’s voltage (Volts, V) along with the Watt hour rating. Here’s the formula:

Ah = Wh / V

Steps for Conversion

  1. Gather Information: Find the Wh rating of your battery and its voltage. This information is usually printed on the battery itself or in the user manual.
  2. Identify the Values: Let’s say your battery has a Wh rating of 200 Wh and a voltage of 12 Volts (V).
  3. Perform the Calculation: Divide the Wh rating by the voltage:
Ah = 200 Wh / 12 V = 16.67 Ah (round to two decimal places)

Therefore, your 200 Wh battery has a capacity of approximately 16.67 Amp Hours.


  • Ensure you use the correct units throughout the calculation (Wh, V, Ah).
  • Double-check your values and calculations for accuracy.
  • Many online calculators can perform the conversion for you if you prefer not to do it manually We are also offering one, check it out at the top of the same page.

When We Need to Convert Wh to Ah?

You’ll need to convert Watt Hours (Wh) to Amp Hours (Ah) when you want to know how long a device can run on a battery, given the battery’s capacity and the device’s power consumption. Here’s a breakdown of the situations where this conversion comes in handy:

  1. Battery Runtime: Let’s say you have a portable speaker with a 10 Watt power rating and a battery labeled with 20 Wh capacity. You can convert Wh to Ah to figure out how long the battery will last.
  2. Solar Panel System Sizing: When designing a solar energy system, you might need to calculate the battery bank’s Amp Hour capacity required to store enough energy generated by the solar panels (in Watt Hours) to power your appliances during the night.
  3. Power Bank Capacity: Understanding the Wh rating of your power bank and converting it to Ah, given the voltage output, helps you determine how many times it can charge your phone (considering the phone’s battery capacity in mAh).

In essence, whenever you deal with battery capacity (Ah) and device power consumption (Wh) or energy generation (Wh), you might need the Wh to Ah conversion to understand how long a device can run or how much power needs to be stored.

If you need to convert Watts (W) to Amps (A), we offer a convenient converter that delivers results in seconds!

About Our Watt Hours to Amp Hours Converter

This watt hours to amp hours converter is a handy tool that allows you to easily convert watt-hour (Wh) ratings of batteries to amp-hours (Ah). Amp hours are a vital specification used to determine a battery’s capacity, or how long it can deliver a specific current. This conversion is essential for various applications, such as selecting the appropriate battery for a device or calculating a battery’s runtime.

Understanding Watt Hours (Wh) and Amp Hours (Ah)

  • Watt Hour (Wh): Wh is a unit of energy equal to one watt of power used for one hour. It signifies the total energy a battery can store.
  • Amp Hour (Ah): Ah indicates the total electrical current a battery can provide for one hour. It represents the battery’s capacity.

The Conversion Formula

The conversion between Wh and Ah relies on the battery’s voltage (V). The following formula is used for the conversion:

Ah = Wh / V

How the Calculator/Converter Works

  1. Input Watt Hours: Enter the Wh rating of your battery in the designated field on the calculator. You can typically find this rating printed on the battery or in the battery’s specifications.
  2. Input Voltage: Enter the battery’s voltage value in Volts (V) in the designated field. This value is also usually printed on the battery or in the specifications.
  3. Click “Convert”: Once you’ve entered both values, click the “Convert” button.

The calculator will automatically compute the Ah rating based on the formula and display the result.

Benefits of Using the Calculator/Converter

  • Simple and User-Friendly: The calculator offers a straightforward interface that is easy to use for anyone, regardless of technical expertise.
  • Quick Conversions: With a few clicks, you can obtain the Ah rating of your battery, saving you time and effort from manual calculations.
  • Improved Accuracy: By using the calculator, you can minimize errors that might occur during manual calculations.

Applications of the Converter

This watt hours to amp hours converter is beneficial for various applications, including:

  • Selecting the Right Battery: When choosing a battery for a device, you need to ensure it has sufficient capacity (Ah) to meet the device’s requirements. The converter helps you determine the Ah rating of a battery based on its Wh rating and voltage.
  • Calculating Battery Runtime: The converter can be instrumental in estimating how long a battery will power a device. By knowing the battery’s Ah rating, the device’s power consumption (in watts), and applying the formula Runtime (hours) = Ah / (device's power consumption in watts), you can calculate the approximate runtime.
  • Understanding Battery Specifications: The converter aids in comprehending the relationship between Wh, Ah, and voltage in battery specifications.

In Conclusion

This watt hours to amp hours converter is a valuable tool for anyone who works with batteries. It simplifies the conversion process, ensures accurate results, and offers a better understanding of battery specifications.

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