What Does AMOS Mean In text?

Have you ever seen “AMOS” while browsing social media and wondered what it meant? Wonder no more! In internet slang, AMOS is all about making new friends on a popular app.

Stands ForAdd Me On Snapchat
Brief DescriptionA way to ask someone to connect on Snapchat.
EmotionFriendly, inviting
Safe for WorkYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Trending DatePopular since around 2016, continues to trend
Texting MeaningRequest to connect on Snapchat
Social Media MeaningSame as Texting, use as Invitation to add on Snapchat

What Does AMOS Stand For?

AMOS Meaning mentioned in a picture

AMOS stands for “Add Me On Snapchat.” It’s a way for people to ask others to connect with them on Snapchat, an app known for its disappearing photos and videos.

If you want to convey a more assertive tone, you can use the slang ‘FWM.’ Alternatively, you can use ‘hook up’ or the slang ‘HU‘ to suggest meeting up. To soften the tone of your message, you might opt for the slang ‘TTM’ or ‘TWM‘ instead of ‘AMOS

Where Can You Find AMOS?

AMOS is mostly found on social media. Here’s where you might see it:

  1. Social Media Bios and Captions
    • Users often put AMOS in their bios on Instagram or TikTok. This tells people looking at their profile that they want to connect on Snapchat.
    • Example: “New on Snapchat! AMOS at [username].”
    • You might also see it in captions for photos or videos as a casual invite.
    • Example: “Anyone else here on Snapchat? AMOS!”
  2. Direct Messages
    • AMOS can show up in private messages on social media as a direct way to ask someone to add them on Snapchat.
    • Example: “Hey, AMOS! My username is [username].”

Where Isn’t AMOS Used?

While AMOS is popular on social media, it’s less common in other places:

  1. Texting
    • People usually just ask directly for Snapchat usernames when texting.
    • Example: “What’s your Snapchat? Let’s add each other.”
  2. Gaming
    • AMOS is specific to Snapchat, so gamers might use other terms to share different social media accounts.
    • Example: “Had a great match! Add me on Snap, my username is [username].”
  3. Real Life
    • In person, people would ask you directly or show their Snapcode.
    • Example: “You seem cool, add me on Snapchat? My username is [username].”

So, the next time you see AMOS on social media, you’ll know it’s an invite to join in on the Snapchat fun!

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