TTM and TWM: Texting Shortcuts for Saying “Let’s Chat”.

Looking to nudge someone into a conversation or show you’re open to chatting? In the world of texting and online communication, TTM and TWM come in handy. Both are abbreviations that have the same thing or context: Talk to me and Talk with me respectively. In reply you can say TS, that I’ll talk with a bit later.

While they might not be replacing actual conversations any time soon, TTM and TWM serve as quick ways to express your desire to chat. Let’s dive into how these terms are used and where you might encounter them. And if you want to add a bit more aggressiveness to force someone to be with you, you can use FWM Slang.

CategoryTTM (Talk to Me)TWM (Talk with Me)
Stands ForTalk to MeTalk with Me
Brief DescriptionAn invitation for someone to start a conversation or open up.An invitation for mutual conversation or interaction.
EmotionCan express openness, loneliness, or a desire for connection.Can express a desire for mutual engagement and collaboration.
Safe for WorkYesYes
Safe for ChildrenYesYes
Emojis (Can be used)πŸ—£οΈ, πŸ’¬, πŸ“ž, πŸ˜ŠπŸ—£οΈ, πŸ’¬, 🀝, 😊
Trending DateNot specifically trending but commonly used in various contexts.Not specifically trending but commonly used in various contexts.
Texting MeaningRequest for conversation or attention.Invitation for a joint conversation or interaction.
Instagram MeaningInviting followers to DM or start a conversation.Inviting followers for a mutual exchange of messages.
Facebook MeaningEncouraging friends to chat or open up about something.Encouraging mutual conversation and sharing.
Twitter MeaningPrompting followers to reply or engage in discussion.Suggesting a collaborative or mutual exchange of tweets.
TTM and TWM meanings mentioned in a picture

Where do TTM and TWM pop up?

These abbreviations are primarily used in casual communication through:

  • Texting: Probably the most common place you’ll see TTM or TWM is in text messages with friends, family, or even acquaintances.
  • Social Media: These abbreviations can show up in direct messages on social media platforms or in comments replying to someone’s post.
  • Gaming: While less frequent, TTM or TWM might be used among gamers to initiate conversations within the game or on gaming forums.


  • Scenario 1: Texting a friend

You: “Hey, up for a chat?” Friend: “Not much, just chilling. TTM?”

  • Scenario 2: Social media comment

You comment on a friend’s post: “That’s hilarious! TWM if you wanna chat more about it.”

  • Scenario 3 (Less common): Online Gaming

You: “Anyone up for another round? TWM after the game if you’re down for some tips.”

TTM vs. TWM: Is there a difference?

Not really! Both abbreviations convey the same message. “TTM” is a bit more established, while “TWM” might be emerging as a newer variation.

  • The exact origin of TTM and TWM is unknown, but they likely stem from the early days of texting when keeping messages short was important.
  • These abbreviations are part of a larger internet slang vocabulary where shortcuts and abbreviations are used for common phrases.
  • Remember, like any slang term, the meaning of TTM and TWM can depend on the context and the people communicating.

As mentioned earlier, TTM is more common than TWM. This can also be seen in the following Google Trends chart.

So, the next time you’re looking to spark a conversation, feel free to throw out a TTM or TWM. Just be sure to consider the situation and the person you’re texting!

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