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LBVS is a texting abbreviation that perfectly captures the feelings of trying to laughing in serious situation. It stands for “Laughing But Very Serious” and is used to acknowledge the humor in a less-than-ideal situation.

Meaning of LBVS mentioned in a picture
Stands ForLaughing But Very Serious
Brief DescriptionLBVS is used to denote a situation where someone is amused but also making a serious point. It indicates a mixture of amusement and earnestness.
EmotionAmusement blended with seriousness
Safe for WorkYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Trending Date2011

Here’s a breakdown of LBVS and how it’s used:

What it Means

  • LBVS combines humor and seriousness in a short and friendly way.
  • It’s like saying “funny, but for real” through texting shorthand.

How it’s Used

Imagine texting a friend about something funny but inconvenient, like accidentally dropping your phone in the water.

  • You: Dude, I just dunked my phone in the toilet! ‍♀️
  • Friend: LBVS That’s terrible! Are you okay?

XD, xd or xD can also be use after serious text to lighten the tune. Or Simply use Slang JP after message, this also use to lighten the serious tune.

The LBVS lets your friend know you find the situation funny (the “‍♀️” emoji helps too!), but you also realize it’s not great (the “‍♀️” emoji shows that). It’s like laughing nervously while you deal with a bit of a mess.

Here’s another example:

  • You’re stressed studying for a big test.
  • You text a friend: This test is gonna be the death of me!
  • Friend: LBVS You got this!

Where to Use LBVS

LBVS used in casual texting conversations with friends or close acquaintances. It’s all about those back-and-forth moments where you share funny mishaps mixed with real situations.

  • Texting: This is LBVS’s natural habitat. It thrives in the friendly and informal world of texting.
  • Gaming: Less common in gaming chats. Gaming chat often focuses on strategy or quick reactions, and LBVS might slow things down.
    For Example: You Drop message in gaming lobby. Our opponents got buff but we’ll huddle it LBVS.
  • Social Media: Social media posts tend to be more curated or public, and LBVS might not fit the tone as well.
  • Real Life: LBVS is an abbreviation for texting, so it wouldn’t be used in spoken conversation. However, you could jokingly say “LBVS” to your friends if something funny but annoying happens while hanging out, to capture that same feeling.

By understanding LBVS, you can add a layer of humor and understanding to your texting conversations. So next time you find yourself in a situation that’s both funny and kind of a drag, don’t hesitate to throw out an LBVS!

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