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Ever come across the abbreviation DTM online and wondered what it meant? Well, wonder no more! DTM stands for “Doing Too Much” and it’s a way to describe someone whose actions seem way too intense for the situation. Some people also use slang “Got Dog in Me” to tell that i got the best in me.

DTM meaning mentioned in a picture
Stands ForDoing Too Much
Brief DescriptionDescribes someone whose actions seem excessive or overly dramatic.
EmotionAnnoyance, amusement (depending on context)
Safe for workYes
Safe for ChildrenYes (though it might be confusing to young children)
Trending DateEarly 2000s (exact date unknown)

What Does “Doing Too Much” Mean?

Imagine a friend freaking out because they spilled a little coffee. That’s DTM! It describes someone who’s:

  • Overly Dramatic: Making a huge deal out of something small.
  • Putting in Excessive Effort: Going way above and beyond what’s necessary.
  • Generally Annoying: Being overly needy or constantly bringing unnecessary drama.

Where Do People Use DTM?

DTM is most at home in the world of texting and social media. These platforms are all about quick communication, and DTM is a short and catchy way to express your thoughts.

Here are some examples of how DTM might be used in these settings:

  • Texting: You see a friend freaking out because their phone charger is slow: “Dude, chill! It’s just a charger. You’re DTM.”
  • Social Media: Someone spends all night making a huge presentation for a casual online group meeting: “Wow, that’s a lot of work. Maybe a bit DTM for this group?”

Is DTM Used in Real Life?

While you could technically say DTM to someone in person, it’s not very common. Face-to-face conversations tend to be more detailed, and you might use a more descriptive way to explain why someone’s actions seem excessive.

DTM is a lighthearted way to tell someone to calm down or that their actions seem a bit much. So next time you see someone going overboard online, you’ll know exactly what they’re doing: DTM!

Alternative Meanings for “DTM” Specifically Used in Social Media Or Texting Contexts

  1. Doing Too Much: Referring to someone behaving in an exaggerated or excessive manner.
  2. Don’t Tell Me: Used to express a desire not to be informed about something.
  3. Dead to Me: Informally used to indicate that someone or something is no longer relevant or important.
  4. Don’t Text Me: Expressing a desire not to receive further text messages.
  5. Don’t Trust Me: Used to express skepticism or caution regarding someone’s reliability or trustworthiness.

Google trends chart showing fluctuation in the use of DTM slang

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