What is r/bonersinpublic and Boners in Public?

“Boners in Public” is a term that might be found in various contexts, often related to humor or memes on the internet. Generally, it refers to the situation where a male gets an erection in a public setting, which can be embarrassing or awkward due to the social norms around privacy and decency. You can describe this situation with slangs to show depth of embarrassment, like Dafaq (wtf), i got boners in the party.

Stands ForBoners in Public
Brief DescriptionSituations where a male gets an erection in a public setting, often leading to embarrassment or humorous circumstances.
EmotionEmbarrassment, awkwardness, humor
Safe for WorkNo
Safe for ChildrenNo
Emojis (can be used)😳 (flushed face), 😂 (face with tears of joy), 😬 (grimacing face)
Trending DateNo specific trending date; topic generally popular in humorous or adult-oriented contexts on social media and forums.
Texting MeaningRefers to the humorous or awkward occurrence of an erection in public. Or also use as sneaky links.
Instagram MeaningTypically used in memes, stories, or humorous posts about embarrassing situations.
Facebook MeaningShared as part of funny anecdotes, memes, or posts in groups related to humor or adult content.
Twitter MeaningDiscussed in tweets or threads, often with a humorous or relatable angle. Tweets might use hashtags like #BonersInPublic for comedic effect.

Here are some examples of situations where someone might get an erection in public, often leading to awkward or humorous scenarios:

  1. In Class: A student gets an erection during a lecture and tries to hide it with a textbook or backpack.
  2. On Public Transportation: Someone experiences an erection while sitting or standing on a bus, train, or subway, and struggles to adjust discreetly.
  3. At the Beach or Pool: A person gets an erection while wearing swim trunks, making it more noticeable and harder to conceal.
  4. During a Meeting: An individual finds themselves aroused during a work meeting, trying to shift or adjust their seating position to hide it.
  5. In a Gym: A person gets an erection while working out or in the locker room, feeling embarrassed about the visibility through gym clothes.
  6. While Shopping: Someone experiences an erection while browsing in a store, particularly if they need to interact with sales staff or use the checkout.
  7. At a Social Event: During a party or gathering, a person gets an erection and feels self-conscious, especially if they are wearing tight or revealing clothing.
  8. Watching a Movie: In a movie theater, a viewer becomes aroused by a scene in the film and tries to cover up with popcorn or a jacket.

If you getting erection by seeing someone its like you might getting physically attracting to his/her, and can lead your attraction to BUHB.

These scenarios often appear in anecdotes, jokes, or memes due to their relatable and sometimes comedic nature. The key element in these stories is the mix of an involuntary physical response and the social awkwardness it creates.

What is r/bonersinpublic?

bonersinpublic: male gets an erection in a public setting

r/bonersinpublic is a subreddit on the website Reddit. Subreddits are specialized communities within Reddit that focus on specific topics or themes. As the name suggests, r/bonersinpublic is likely a community where people share and discuss instances, often humorously, of getting erections in public places.

Subreddits like this one often include a mix of:

  1. Humorous Stories: Users might share funny or embarrassing personal stories related to the theme.
  2. Memes and Images: Visual content that aligns with the topic, often shared for comedic value.
  3. Discussion Threads: Conversations about related experiences or general banter among members.

As with any subreddit, the content and tone are determined by the community members and moderators, and it might range from light-hearted and humorous to more explicit and adult-oriented. If you are interested in exploring this subreddit, it is advisable to be aware of Reddit’s community guidelines and the specific rules of r/bonersinpublic.

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