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Have you ever seen the letters “PTSO” in a text or on social media? If you’re not sure what it means, don’t worry! In internet language, PTSO stands for “put that stuff on” OR “put that Shit on.

What Does PTSO Mean?

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PTSO is a slang term used to compliment someone. It’s a way of saying that you approve of something, typically their outfit or a creation they want to share. It’s a quick and informal way to show your appreciation. “GYAT” is another slangs having almost same context, you might encounter this instead of PTSO.

Mostly PTSO is use on TikTok, On TikTok, it means “put that shit on”. It’s a widely used term to compliment someone, particularly their outfit or fashion sense.


  • A creator posts a video showcasing their new streetwear outfit. In the comments, you might see: “PTSO! That outfit is fire!”
  • Someone shares a makeup tutorial for a bold eye look. You could comment: “Omg, obsessed with this look! PTSO, girl!”

Where Can You Find PTSO?

PTSO is most commonly used in:

  • Texting: Exchanging compliments with friends about their new clothes or a fun night out often involves a casual PTSO.

    Exmaple: You got a fantastic new pair of boots and send a selfie to your friend. They respond with, “PTSO!! Those boots are amazing!”
  • Social Media: Scrolling through Instagram comments on a friend’s outfit picture? You might see a supportive PTSO thrown in there.

    Example: You leave a comment under the post saying, “PTSO! Looks delicious, gotta try that recipe!”
    Example: If someone like’s you outfit or your appearance, on social media he might comment “ML” stands for Much love. i.e. PTSO, ML

Is PTSO Used Everywhere?

While PTSO is a fun way to show appreciation online, it’s not for every situation. Here’s where it might be less common:

Gaming: Gaming communication often focuses on the game itself, and greetings or compliments might have their own set of slang depending on the game community. Gamers use slang GG to appreciate someone’s game.

Real Life: Face-to-face compliments are usually more detailed. Instead of a short PTSO, you might say something like, “Wow, I love that jacket you’re wearing!”

So, next time you see PTSO in a text or social media post, you’ll know it’s a virtual high five for something cool!

Google trends Cart showing the graph of usage of slang PTSO in last 5 years.

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