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In texting, “bussin'” is a slang term that means something is extremely good. It’s often used to describe food, but it can also be used for anything you find impressive or enjoyable. Also use as Glazing Slang. You can also use Slang GOAT to appreciate someone or if you want to highlight his spesific skill then you can use Goated with the Sauce.

  • Origin: While the exact origin is debated, it likely stems from African American English and entered mainstream internet slang around 2006.
  • Meaning: Extremely good, delicious, fantastic, awesome.
  • Context: Primarily used for food, but can be applied to anything you find impressive, like a song, movie, outfit, or even a fun experience.
Meaning of Slang BUssin mnetioned in a picture
EmotionSatisfaction, enjoyment
Safe for WorkYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Trending Date2006
Instagram MeaningUsed to describe delicious food or enjoyable experiences, often accompanied by food-related emojis or hashtags like #Bussin.
Facebook MeaningSimilar to Instagram, often used to express enjoyment or satisfaction, particularly in relation to food or experiences.
Twitter MeaningUsed to express enjoyment or admiration for something, often accompanied by relevant hashtags or used in discussions about food, music, or other enjoyable experiences.


  • Food: “Dude, these tacos are bussin’!”
  • Entertainment: “That new game is bussin’, gotta get some sleep though.”
  • Other: “Your outfit is bussin’ today, girl!”

But its not always have positive means

“Bussin'” can sometimes be used sarcastically, especially when someone is overly complimentary. The tone of the message and your relationship with the recipient will determine if it’s meant sincerely or playfully.

Where Slang Bussin Can Be Used?

“Bussin'” thrives in the casual and informal corners of the internet, making it most commonly used in:

  • Texting: Firing off a quick “This pizza is bussin'” to a friend is a perfect way to express your delight.
  • Gaming: After a particularly epic win, you might type “This game is bussin'” in the chat to share your enjoyment.
  • Social Media: Sharing a photo of your delicious meal with the caption “Bussin’! #foodcoma” is a fun way to use “bussin'” on social media.

While “bussin'” can be used in real life, it leans more towards casual settings. Chatting with friends about a movie or a concert is a good situation to use “bussin'”. However, formal settings or situations where you want to be taken seriously are not ideal for internet slang like “bussin'”.


  • Best for: Texting, Gaming, Casual Social Media
  • Less appropriate for: Formal settings, Serious conversations

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