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Have you ever seen the word “LYK” in a text and not known what it meant? You’re not the only one. LYK is often used in texting, but it can be puzzling if you’re not familiar with internet slang.

Sometimes it may misspelled with iykyk. So ensure that first.

What Does LYK Mean?

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LYK stands for “Let You Know.” It’s a quick and informal way to inform someone you’ll provide them with more information later. It’s similar to saying “I’ll keep you posted” or “I’ll get back to you.”

You can also see IGL term with LYK. where igl means “alright”. So it would be like “Alright, i’ll let you know”. Or it may appear with abbreviation TS.

Where is LYK Commonly Used?

LYK is primarily used in texting and other forms of online communication due to its informal nature. Here are some specific contexts where you might encounter LYK:

Making Plans:

  • Friend: Hey, are you free for dinner this weekend?
  • You: LYK for sure by tomorrow!

Asking for Information:

  • You: What time does the movie start?
  • Friend: LYK when I check the listings.

Following Up on Something:

  • You: I sent you those files. Did you get them?
  • Friend: LYK when I have a chance to look.


It’s important to note that LYK is a misspelling of the more common abbreviation “LMK.” Both “LYK” and “LMK” are widely understood to mean “Let Me Know,” so you can use either one without causing confusion.

If someone is slightly offended he can also use Slang WTV with LYK.

Where to Avoid LYK

While LYK is convenient for casual online communication, it’s not suitable for all contexts. Here’s where you might want to avoid using LYK:

  • Formal Communication: In emails, professional settings, or situations requiring a more formal tone, it’s best to spell out “Let me know” or use a more professional phrase like “I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.”
  • Gaming: Gamers often have their own set of abbreviations specific to the games they play. LYK wouldn’t be a common abbreviation in most gaming contexts. To deliver the same context they use AFK (Away from keyboard) that they’ll be back in few minutes.
  • Real-Life Conversations: LYK is an abbreviation for informal communication and wouldn’t be appropriate to use verbatim in spoken conversation in most real-life situations.

So, the next time you see LYK in a text, you’ll know it means “Let You Know” and that someone will be getting more information from you soon!

Google trends Cart showing the graph of usage of slang LYK in last 5 years.

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