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Online chats are full of short words and codes, and “TS” is one of them. But what does TS mean? It can actually mean different things depending on how it’s used! Let’s explore the different meanings of “TS” in internet slang

Stands ForTalk Soon
Brief DescriptionInformal way to express desire to chat again soon
EmotionFriendly, casual, Positive
Safe for WorkYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Emojis (can be used with it)😊, 🙂, 👋, 🗣️
Trending DateEarly 2000s (exact date unknown)
Texting MeaningIndicates that the conversation is ending for now but will continue later.
Social Media MeaningOften used in direct messages or comments to indicate a pause in conversation but with the intent to reconnect.

What Does TS Mean In Texting

TS stands for Talk soon

TS stands for “Talk soon” in casual chatting contexts. It’s a quick and informal way to express your desire to chat again in the near future. Also TTYL use for the same purpose having meaning of “Talk to you later”. Other person can also place text like TTM or TWM to ask you to have chat with them. or Slang BBL can also use as alternative of TS.

Imagine you’re texting a friend after a fun chat. You both have stuff to do, but you want to keep the good feelings going. Adding “TS” at the end is a perfect way to show that. It’s quick, casual, and tells your friend you’d like to talk again soon.

Here are some examples:

  • That meme was so funny! I gotta go, but TS?
  • It was great catching up! Let’s grab coffee soon, TS?
  • Thanks for helping out! I’m busy tonight, but TS for sure.
Screenshot of a chat, text showing use of slang TS

Here are some examples of how “TS” (Talk Soon) might be used in text conversations, showing ts meaning in text.

  1. Text Message:
    • Friend 1: “Gotta go, my class is starting.”
    • Friend 2: “Alright, TS!”
  2. Social Media:
    • Friend 1: “Heading out for dinner. Catch you later!”
    • Friend 2: “Enjoy your dinner! TS.”
  3. Email:
    • “Thanks for the update on the project. I’ll review it and get back to you. TS, Sarah.”
  4. Chat:
    • Friend 1: “It was great talking to you. I’ve got to run now.”
    • Friend 2: “Same here. TS!”

If someone ask you the exact time for the chat next time, you can simply mention the time or can say LYK.

Alternative Meanings of TS

Internet slang is interesting because one short phrase can mean different things. For example, ‘Talk Soon’ is popular in chats, but ‘TS’ can mean other things too:

In Texting: Depending on the conversation, ‘TS’ can mean different things:

  • ‘That Sucks’ (showing disappointment)
  • ‘Thing/Stuff’ (talking about something in general)
  • ‘Tomorrow See’ (saying ‘see you tomorrow’ informally)

Other Meanings: Sometimes ‘TS’ can also mean:

  • ‘Technical Support’ (used in professional situations)
  • ‘Transsexual/Transgender’ (but it’s better to use the full term to avoid confusion)
  • ‘Tea Spoons’ (for measurements or recipes, though this is less common)”

When in doubt, ask for clarification. A quick “Hey, what did you mean by TS?” can clear up any confusion and keep the conversation flowing smoothly.

Following Google Trends chart showing the ratio of use of “TS” Internet slang.

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