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What is Rule 34?

What is Rule 34? Rule 34 is an internet saying that means “If something exists, there is porn of it.” This rule suggests that no matter what the subject is, someone has made adult content about it.

Read Rule 34. Producing Documents, Electronically Stored Information, and Tangible Things, or Entering onto Land, for Inspection and Other Purposes.

To Undertand the Legal rule read this: Rule 34: Forms of Production

  1. Origin
    • Where it Started: Rule 34 comes from internet culture, especially from websites like 4chan.
    • Why it Started: People noticed that there was adult content about almost everything, so they made it a “rule” to joke about it.
  2. Scope
    • What it Covers: Rule 34 can be about anything—characters from movies, TV shows, video games, books, real people, and even things like objects or ideas.
    • Examples: There could be Rule 34 content about superheroes, cartoon characters, or even kitchen appliances.
  3. Expression
    • Forms of Content: Rule 34 content can be drawings, stories, videos, or cosplay (dressing up in costumes).
    • Creators: These are often made by fans and shared on the internet.
  4. Controversy
    • Why It’s Debated: Some people don’t like Rule 34 because it can involve characters or things meant for kids, which can feel inappropriate.
    • Different Opinions: Some think it’s just harmless fun, while others believe it’s disrespectful or wrong.
  5. Creativity and Fandom
    • Fan Art and Creativity: Rule 34 shows how creative people can be, even if it’s in an adult way.
    • Part of Fandom: Fans often create content about their favorite shows or games, and Rule 34 is just one type of fan content.
  6. Legal and Ethical Issues
    • Legal Concerns: Making and sharing Rule 34 content is usually legal, but it can break the rules of some websites.
    • Ethical Concerns: Some people think it’s wrong, especially if it involves content made for children or if it uses real people without their permission.

How Games or Movies Characters Follow Rule 34

Games and movies characters often become subjects of Rule 34 content because they are popular and have a large fan base. Here’s how characters from games or movies follow Rule 34 and the types of content created:

  1. Popularity: Characters that are well-loved or widely recognized often have Rule 34 content because more people are interested in them.
    • Example: Characters from popular games like “Overwatch, AmoungUs etc.” or movies like “Avengers” are frequently used in Rule 34 content.
  2. Fan Base: Large and dedicated fan bases often create various types of fan content, including Rule 34.
    • Example: Characters from “Harry Potter” or “The Legend of Zelda” have extensive fan bases that produce a wide range of fan works, including adult content.
  3. Character Design: Characters with appealing or unique designs are often chosen for Rule 34 content.
    • Example: Characters from “Final Fantasy” or “Star Wars” have distinctive looks that attract artists.

Types of Rule 34 Content

  1. Artwork and Illustrations
    • Description: Digital or traditional drawings depicting characters in explicit scenarios.
    • Examples: Fan art of characters like Lara Croft from “Tomb Raider” or Wonder Woman from DC Comics.
  2. Animations and Videos
    • Description: Animated videos that show characters in adult situations.
    • Examples: Animated clips featuring characters from games like “Fortnite” or movies like “Frozen.”
  3. Stories and Fanfiction
    • Description: Written stories or scripts that include explicit sexual narratives involving the characters.
    • Examples: Erotic fanfiction involving characters from “Game of Thrones” or “Mass Effect.”
  4. Cosplay and Costuming
    • Description: Individuals dressing up as characters and creating adult-themed photos or videos.
    • Examples: Cosplayers dressing as characters from “Street Fighter” or “Star Trek” in explicit poses or scenarios.

Why People Create Rule 34 Content

  1. Fantasy Exploration: Fans enjoy exploring fantasies involving their favorite characters.
  2. Artistic Expression: Artists express their creativity by reimagining characters in new and often controversial ways.
  3. Community and Sharing: Fans share content within communities that appreciate these types of works, reinforcing a sense of belonging.
  4. Demand and Popularity: The high demand for adult content featuring popular characters drives its creation.


Rule 34 is an internet idea that says if something exists, someone has made adult content about it. It started as a joke but has become a well-known part of internet culture. It can be controversial, especially when it involves content meant for kids or real people. It highlights both the creativity and the darker side of internet fandom.

Under this rule, content involving characters from games or movies includes explicit artwork, animations, stories, and cosplay. It arises from the characters’ popularity, dedicated fan bases, and distinctive designs. This type of content is created for various reasons, including fantasy exploration, artistic expression, and community sharing.

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