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What Does AFK Mean?

AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard.” It’s a term commonly used in online gaming and chat environments to indicate that a player is temporarily not actively participating in the game or conversation because they are away from their keyboard or device.

In Simple Words: AFK (Away From Keyboard) is a common way to let other gamers know you won't be responding or playing for a short while.

It doesn’t inherently carry any positive or negative connotations; it simply indicates the player’s status. People might go AFK for various reasons such as taking a break, attending to something in real life, or even just being inactive for a short period.

It’s a neutral term and can be used by anyone, including kids, to communicate their temporary absence in a game or chat. It’s a helpful way to let others know why someone might not be responding or participating actively.

Meaning of AFK gaming slang mentioned
OriginsThe term “AFK” originated in the early days of online chat and gaming communities, likely in the late 1990s or early 2000s.
VariationsWhile “AFK” is the most common abbreviation, variations like “BRB” (Be Right Back) or “GTG” (Got To Go) are also used in different online communities.
Gaming CultureAFK is widely used in online gaming communities to indicate temporary inactivity, which could be due to various reasons such as taking a break.
PolitenessIn multiplayer games, going AFK without warning can be considered rude, so many gaming communities encourage players to announce when they need to go AFK.
AFK Detection SystemsSome online games have implemented AFK detection systems to prevent prolonged inactivity that could disrupt gameplay or give unfair advantages to opponents.
AFK FarmingPlayers may exploit AFK status to gain rewards or progress in the game without actively playing, a practice known as “AFK farming.”
Internet Culture“AFK” has become ingrained in internet culture and is used in various online contexts beyond gaming, such as chat rooms, forums, and social media platforms.


  1. Gaming
    You’re playing an online team game and need to grab a quick snack. You type in the chat: “AFK grabbing food, be back in 5.”
  2. Working remotely
    You’re working from home and your doorbell rings. You message your colleague on Slack: “AFK answering the door, shouldn’t be long.”
  3. Texting with friends
    You’re having a conversation with friends and your phone dies. You text quickly: “AFK phone dying, on charger now.”

Google Trends Chart showing ratio of usage of gaming slang AFK world wide in past year.

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