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HRU, those three little letters, hold a big meaning in the world of online communication. It’s a shorthand way of asking someone about their health or as a general greeting. This quick and informal phrase is a staple in texting, online chats, and even gaming circles. HBY use alternative of this slang.

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HRU Stands for “how are you?” It’s a common abbreviation used in texting and online chat to save time.
Here’s a breakdown:

  • HRU = How R (are) U (you)
  • R is shorthand for the word “are”
Stands ForHow Are You?
Brief DescriptionInformal way to ask someone how they are doing in text-based communication
Safe for workYes
Safe for ChildrenYes
Trending DateEarly 1990s (with the rise of text messaging)

What Does HRU Mean?

HRU Means “how are you?” with the “R” taking the place of the word “are.” It’s a time-saving abbreviation that lets you express your interest in someone’s well-being without needing to type out the entire question. If you someone HRU, You might get answer NTM or GMT.

Where Can You Use HRU?

HRU shines in informal written communication. Here are some prime places to use it:

Texting: Firing off an “HRU?” is a casual way to check in with a friend or see how their day is going.

  • Example: “Hey Sarah, HRU? Up for catching a movie tonight?”

Gaming: If you’re chatting with your teammates in an online game, HRU can be a quick way to see how they’re doing in the virtual world.

Social Media: While less common in public posts, HRU can pop up in comments or direct messages on social media platforms.

  • Example (Comment): “Love your new profile pic! HRU?”
  • Example: “HRU guys? Anyone need a health potion?”

HRU in Real Life?

While HRU might slip into super casual spoken conversations with friends, it’s generally better to use the full “how are you?” for face-to-face interactions. Texting and online chats allow for a bit more abbreviation magic.

So, the next time you’re crafting a text or online message, remember HRU as a handy way to show you care and want to connect!

Google trends chart showing fluctuation in the use of HRU slang

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